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Studio Cycling

Indoor cycling – A cardiovascular workout where the emphasis is on having fun, improving stamina and toning the body.

Aerobic Body Workout

It gives you a bit of everything: Aerobics, spending time body toning, using weights/resistance bands, with a stretch and cool down to finish. A great workout for all levels.

Fast classes

Introduction to different classes or just use for a top up to your training. Includes cardio, abs, functional training, HIT and Powerplates.

Yoga/Pilates fusion

Yoga postures for flexibility, strength and stamina combined with Pilates core control. A class that will guarantee to leave you restored & refreshed!!


Latin inspired and easy to follow. A great calorie burner. Feel the music, let loose, and enjoy this dance fitness class.

Circuits & Bootcamp

Works multiple muscle groups, using a variety of workouts. Perfect for anyone who likes something different and challenging.

Boxfit Circuits

A great mixture of boxing techniques which can be used on their own or with a circuit that can achieve great cardiovascular and toning results.

Top to Toe

A combination of low aerobics, body conditioning, stretching and some relaxation. Suitable for all levels.


Come and learn how to improve posture, alignment and balance. Improve core strength and have fun.

Arms, Bums & Tums

A full body workout, focusing on strength, toning and improving fitness.


Iyengar Yoga from Pune, India. Building strength, stamina, mobility, stability and alignment slowly and progressively. For any bodies at any age.


Line Dancing with hint of Latin flare, have fun,workout. A dance class for all levels.


A low impact, strength and tone class. Suitable for all levels.

Body Conditioning

A contemporary conditioning class that tones and firms muscles, improves posture, flattens the abdominal area. A total body workout


High intensity training. HIT is a full body workout designed to push you to the limit. Not only a fantastic cardiovascular workout but great for fat loss. Prepare to work hard, not for beginners.


A fun, energetic class based on step routines. A great fat burner.


Physical training of low – high intensity workouts with rest/relief periods.

Posture, Core & Balance

Learn how to maintain posture, neutral spine whilst activating deep abdominal muscles whilst performing a range of core focussed exercises.


Simple, fun dance fitness routines using glow sticks to club anthems from 90′s classics to the latest chart hits taught in a darkened room with disco lights. Because of the high and low impact options Clubbercise dance fitness classes are great if you’re a beginner or if you’re already a fitness freak!


Fun, fast paced spin class for all abilities with disco lights!

Core Blast

Motivating & intense abdominal workout to help strengthen your core.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. Perfect for all abilities.

Bodyfit Circuits

Strengthening and toning targeting all body parts, fun and motivating way to get fit!

Download a Virtual Timetable

Virtual Yoga

Practice Yoga in some pretty incredible locations, these routines have the aim of keeping you inspired to practice yoga daily and feel fantastic from the inside out! These routines aim to make yoga accessible from an approach, language, delivery and style. These routines set out to educates beginners and help advanced yogis freshen their skills with a bevy of workouts.

Virtual Piloxing

Piloxing workouts are a fusion of boxing and standing Pilates principles. The combination of these disciplines as primary exercise components creates a sense of both physical and mental balance. With Graceful Movements & Powerful Punches you will improve cardiovascular ability, Strengthen and lengthen muscles, Improve balance and posture and earn over 180 MEPs per hour.

Virtual HIIT

The Tone It Up by Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson brings you high-energy, calorie-blasting workouts that guarantee to slim and tone your entire body. These are high energy, full body interval based workouts that will awaken your metabolism and give you a lean beautiful body you will not want to hide.

Virtual Spin

Sufferfest creates hard, exciting and effective training videos for time-crunched athletes
who thrive with the high-intensity/ low volume training philosophy. The videos feature officially licensed footage from professional races like the Tour de France, the Tour of Flanders, the Road World Championships, Challenge Roth, Diamond League Track & Field, the Milan Marathon and more. This is combined with brilliant, hand-picked music and structured interval workouts designed by world-class coaches. On-screen instructions mean that you simply need to follow – No thinking required, just SUFFERING!

Virtual Dance and Sweat

Get ready to sweat and have fun! Jennifer Galardi’s Dance In 10 teaches choreography in 10-minute segments, so that you can learn to dance while breaking a sweat. Step-by-step, piece-by-piece the segments come together for a non-stop hip hopparty! Choose from the slow, medium or fast tempo to master your own style. Each turn, twist and shake burns calories, builds confidence and polishes poise leaving you feeling healthy and hot!

Virtual Total Body Workout

Extreme Burn by Mike Donavanik is a series of total body, high intensity workouts combining a combination of dynamic functional strength moves and intense bursts of cardio. Each workout is jam-packed with dynamic compound strength moves and intense bursts of cardio that will fire up your metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle and deliver maximum results! Modifications are provided, so no matter what fitness level you’re at, you will get the most out of this program.

Virtual Tae Bo Shred

Tae Bo® Fitness’ combines aspects of Boxing, Martial Arts, and dance with adrenaline racing musical beats delivering a workout designed to enhance your strength, speed, balance and mental awareness. By combining Boxing and Martial Arts movements to music, this gives the workout energy and rhythm, which improves coordination, cardiovascular health and is
a ton of fun.

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