Ho ho ho……..


Merry Xmas everyone! thank you all so much for handing in your applications for this year’s santa fun run.

I’m so pleased so many want to get involved and primarily to raise as much as we can for naomi house and jacks place and to have great Xmas fun of course!


I just wanted to email all of you regarding this Saturday’s fun run.


The run will start at 11am so if you could arrive around 10.15  to collect your santa suit, there will then be a warm up at 10.45 with the lovely Laura out in the car park at the front of the building.


Friends and family can of course watch the race, buy raffle tickets and purchase cakes from our cake stall which is being manned by two of our members sue Shapland and I believe Gill watts. Cake prices will be from 50p for small cakes to £3 for whole cakes. Raffle tickets are £1 each or 5 for £5! We have a fantastic Pandora bracelet, massive thank you to many petit, huge Xmas hamper and many many more.

All proceeds also go to naomi house.

Huge thank you to all who are baking to provide us with fantastic cakes.


Alan is doing a stew and dumpling lunch which was included in your application cost. It will be quite a relaxed informal lunch as there will be quite a few people coming and going but I know it will be delicious as always.

Water bottles will be given to runners but any other drinks you’d like you can always purchase from the bar (not too many vodkas before the race though)


The raffle will be done once all runners are back at 3d Health and  fitness.


Safety- due to our typical English weather it will be extremely muddy and potentially slippery in some parts so please be careful, remember it’s just for fun. ( I’d suggest NOT to wear your best pair of trainers) Most of the Marshalls are first aiders and those people will be clearly marked. Should an accident  occur please get someone to find a Marshall so we can call for the appropriate help.


Thank you once again from me and all the 3d team, can’t wait to see you all on Saturday morning.

Any further questions by all means use this address so I can answer them  for you.


Kind regards


Kelly Griffiths

Receptionist and fun run organiser