Personal Training at Cardinal Hume

Lee Clay

Lee here! I have worked in the fitness industry for over 4 years now which has enabled me to work with a wide range of individuals & small groups, involving special needs and requirements. These experiences have given me the confidence to cater & work with all levels of fitness where I continue to meet and exceed all expectations for my clientele.

As a Personal trainer & nutritionist who has recently joined the team here at 3D health & fitness, it is my goal to provide a first-class service to all my clients by helping them achieve their desired body goals. Supporting people with a combination of nutrition and training advice that suits each individual is the key to achieving optimal results!

I currently run a Boxercise class in the sports hall on Sundays if you want to come along and give it a go.. you’re more than capable and always welcome!

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Lee 07745 484 222

Tom Gallagher

Hi, Tom here. I am currently offering a few spaces for personal training here at 3D Health and Fitness Cardinal Hume. For those of you who don’t know me, I currently already work here as a fitness instructor, I’ve had a few people ask in the past after classes if I did more personalized training here, so…

A little background – I am 18 years old and a recently qualified PT, I qualified in June 2018 with a distinction. I feel very confident about nutrition and training – my main specialist areas are muscle gain/“toning” and fat loss and flexibility. I currently work 2 jobs (PT at the gym group and of course fitness instructor here) I also study on top of that, so understand my slots for PT are very limited but there are a few available currently.

What you get – obviously the PT sessions themselves – they normally last 1 hour to 1 hour 30mins depending on if anyone is booked in after and what the client wants, I offer workout plans, a food diary and a diet plan included in the price.

The price is £15 per session for members and £17.50 per session for non-members.

You can get in touch by emailing me @

Roxy Moon

My life is associated with sports (I am a professional gymnast). I have been working in the field of fitness and rehabilitation for 5 years already. In 2017 I was the winner in Mister and Miss Northumberland Lady Bikini 2nd place. I have been working in the fitness industry and   rehabilitation for 5 years. My primary goal is to help people be healthy and enjoy life, at any age.

I help my clients lose weight, have a good posture, work with clients who have problems with back, knees, hips, flat feet, bad core muscles and bad balance. I prepare children for sports (working with the muscles of the musculoskeletal system). I help older people to return to an active lifestyle – increasing flexibility, energy, strength and balance. Rehabilitation after injuries, muscle preparation for surgery to replace the knee and hip joints.

Contact Roxy:

Tel – 07928109805

Email –

Instagram – roxy_rehabexpert