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James Lavelle
James LavelleClub Manager
Hello my name is James. I am the club manager here at 3d Health and Fitness. I have been working in the fitness industry since 2011 and love what I do. Keeping fit and healthy has been a passion of mine from a young age and I like to use that passion to help others successfully achieve their goals. This led me to pursue my L2 gym and L3 personal training qualifications so I could work as a Fitness Instructor. Working as a Fitness Instructor/PT always had me looking at the bigger picture of how a facility operated, this turned into me pursuing the route of management. Since becoming the club manager here at Cardinal Hume, I have strived to make the gym a positive and friendly environment, where members and guests feel at home. Myself and my dedicated team are always on hand to provide encouragement and support, whether that be writing you an exercise programme, offering nutritional advice or simply giving you a good old fashioned push in our fitness classes.

Areas of interest
Classes (especially Spinning)
Weight loss
Increasing Muscle

Tom Gallagher
Tom GallagherFitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
Hello my name is Tom. I am a fitness instructor/personal trainer here at 3D health and fitness. I have always been into sports since I started Ju Jitsu when I was a child. I used to do multiple sports such as football, swimming and rugby during my younger years. However, I moved away from these sports over time and I then started going to the gym when I was 12 years old. My main focus was to build muscle to get better at rugby, 6 years later and I am trying to pursue helping others take a transformation like I did to meet their personal lifestyle goals. I completed my level 2 fitness instructing in 2016 and have recently completed my level 3 personal training qualification with a distinction which has been my proudest achievement to date. I am very passionate about what I do as it has been the focus of my life since I started.

Areas of interest
HIIT training, weight loss, muscle building, nutrition, 1 to 1 training.

Please contact reception to book personal training sessions with Tom.
Tel: 07960 773825

Lori Watson
Lori WatsonFitness Instructor
Hello my name is Lori. I am a fitness instructor here at 3d Health and Fitness. I became interested in fitness back in the good old 80’s (spandex and leg warmers). Coming from a family of fitness fanatics, it was a way of life for me. I first became interested in teaching the things I knew to other people when I became redundant from my job as an injection molder. I took my L2 in fitness instructing and cardiovascular machines & resistance training and then gained a position in the gym I went to in 2006, then becoming duty manager. I later became interested in helping the elderly stay fit and active to improve their mobility and circulation. I then took my L3 as an OTAGO strength and balance leader which is used to prevent falls in the elderly and also as rehabilitation after strokes. I am a fair but firm instructor that will push you to help you achieve your goals.

Areas of interest
Interval Training
Form and function
Individual training requirements

Melanie Armstrong
Melanie ArmstrongFitness Instructor
Hello my name is Melanie. I am a fitness instructor/personal trainer here at 3d Health and Fitness. I have been here since September 2017 and I am loving every minute. Fitness hasn’t always been my strongest interest, I actually used to hate PE at school! After having 2 kids I decided I had to do something, so I attended my first Metafit class 5 years ago and from then on I’ve been hooked! A quick but tough workout, that was over before I could think about it, I very quickly saw great results! Not only that but I felt amazing after the classes. Due to this, I decided this was what I wanted to pursue and the line of work I wanted to go down. To become a Metafit instructor I needed my level 2 gym instructor qualification, so that’s what I did. Next came my L3 personal training qualification, followed by MetaPWR and Spinning. Spinning isn’t my strongest point – but I’m working on it! This line of work is a big change for me from 15 years working in retail, but a good change, I absolutely love it.

Areas of interest
Tailoring programs to help people’s goals
One on one training

Please contact reception to book personal training sessions with Melanie.
Tel: 07960 773825

Clarissa Mpofu
Clarissa MpofuReceptionist
Hello my name is Clarissa. I am a receptionist here at 3D Health and Fitness. Even though I don’t teach or arrange any classes, I am always happy to help everyone in any way I can at the reception desk. From time to time I aim to participate and keep on top of being fit and active, so I intend to achieve training on becoming a fitness instructor in the long term.
Kallym Bell
Kallym BellReceptionist
Hello my name is Kallym. I am a receptionist here at 3d Health & Fitness. I am always happy to help all individuals who visit the club. I have a strong passion for fitness, with the ultimate goal of becoming a fully qualified fitness instructor.
Chazz Molina
Chazz MolinaReceptionist
Hello my name is Chazz. I am a receptionist here at 3D Health and Fitness. I am always happy to provide a helping hand to anyone who needs assistance and encouragement towards hitting their ultimate goal. I am very much passionate in becoming a doctor in the future and as hobby I do a lot of fitness, going to the gym and playing different kind of sports, which shows why I am happy and interested working here at 3d Health and Fitness.

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